5 Keys To Achieve The Business of Your Dreams!

5 Keys To Achieve The Business of Your Dreams!
April 24, 2019 Pam Griffiths

I am here in beautiful Cartagena known for its key role in administering the expansion of the Spanish Empire.

As I flew over the mountains on our final approach into Rafael Núñez International Airport my eyes were drawn to the extreme poverty beneath me.  

According to Colombian Reports, “14.5 million Colombians lived below the country’s poverty rate in 2017, meaning they survived with less than $88 a month.” Still tens of thousands live in extreme poverty. Corruption is part of the problem they say.  The gap between middle class and poverty was so stark I couldn’t help but think of how fortunate we are to live in a country where we have unlimited access to hot and cold running water, an abundance of fresh food. We are rich in resources that we often take for granted. We may even feel blasé about all that we have at our finger tips. After all, it’s what we know.

I asked many questions during my visit (because I’m curious) with some of the locals. I wanted to better understand the people of Columbia and how they think about the corruption and extreme poverty that exists. The response was “It’s what we know”.  

I share this story with you because as leaders and entrepreneurs living in a country filled with an abundance of resources we often think or even say, “I don’t want to market my business, or pick up the phone to follow up with a prospect, network, sell (insert common objection/resistant story you tell yourself here ______________).”

Imagine for a moment, if the people in these impoverished villages (despite their stark reality) who find a way to survive day after day, had access to only one tenth of what we have access to? What could be possible for them?

The truth is, we can’t change their reality. We can be grateful for “what is” in our life and choose to take action and make a difference knowing we have access to so many resources.

If you want to build YOUR dream business, you hold the key. No one else can unlock that vision, dream or idea.

It is within YOU.

We don’t achieve our dreams by wishing and hoping. It takes effort and resources. Resources we are so very fortunate to have at our fingertips.

Starting a business likely began with a spark of energy, nudge or whisper to do meaningful work, reach your goals and have greater impact.

Your goals belong to you and you only. It is your piece to own. And it is up to YOU to lead it and build it.

What do you really want to achieve in your lifetime?

5 Keys to Achieve the Business of Your Dreams!

1. Vision

Create a vision, set goals and keep them in front of you.

2. Consistency

Be laser focused — Take action daily toward your goal.

3. Courage

Have courage to be different AND make a difference.

4. Belief

Believe in yourself. Practice positivity/mindset/meditation daily.

5. Tenacity

Be tenacious even when you feel like giving up. You are so fortunate to have tons of resources at your fingertips. Be grateful and access them!

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