Leadership Coaching

Are you a leader who wants to become more effective both in your role and in the performance of your team? Then you may benefit from one-on-one coaching.

My coaching system focuses on identifying your strengths and then teaches you how to leverage those strengths.  This will increase your leadership effectiveness so that you can have greater influence and show up more powerfully in your role.

Our six month coaching process includes assessments, 360 feedback, one-on-one coaching sessions with check in points along the way. We will identify your strengths, opportunities for growth, and develop a plan that empowers your unique leadership potential. At the end of the six months, you will walk away with strategies that continue to support sustainable change.

I apply a holistic approach to coaching you. Meaning, I see you as a whole person and am not simply coaching you on what you “do”. Together we can build a plan focused around what you most want to accomplish, so that you feel happier, more productive and achieve  results with more ease and confidence.


If you currently struggle to manage and effectively engage your team, my coaching system will help you to become more strategic and identify ways that you can improve your team’s performance.

At the end of the program you will walk away with systems that will guide you in your strategic thinking and decision-making ability. Be empowered with effective coaching and motivational tools that will support you to generate maximum performance from your team.

Leadership Coaching Programs

Accredited Coach Training

Take your coaching skills to the next level with the guidance of experienced and professionally trained coaches. See our events page for upcoming coach training.


VIP days & 1:1 Coaching

For coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders who struggle to find time day to day to focus on their goals and are ready to become more purposeful to achieve the results they want.

VIP days include pre-work assignment and a foundation interview prior to our full day together where we will map our an extraordinary plan for your business. We will assess your current and future needs, get clear on your vision so that your VIP day is maximized, focusing on that direction and mapping out an extraordinary plan that will get the results you want!

My VIP days and one on one coaching services begin with a phone call to ensure that you know what you can expect and that a VIP day and/or one on one coaching is the right fit for you. In our 30 minute complimentary exploration session you will have the opportunity to experience coaching and together we will determine if coaching with me is a good fit. I recommend interviewing a few coaches prior to making a commitment to coaching. Here is why:

  1. Chemistry plays a big role in coaching. It is important to find the right fit for who you are and what you need.
  2. You’ll want to ensure that you will get the kind of support you are looking for from your coach.
  3. Be clear about what is involved in your coaching agreement.

I provide the support you need to get focussed and achieve the results you are looking for by developing a strategy for your business that’s empowering and meaningful for you.  Walk away with a clear plan to implement right away.  6-12 months of coaching is an optimum time to get the greatest traction and create deep powerful and lasting transformation.



Certified Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) facilitator

The Strength Deployment Inventory is a relationship awareness tool that identifies:

  • What people are motivated by in their relationships with others.
  • How motivation changes in conflict.
  • How behaviour is connected to underlying values and motivation in all situations.

While some Assessment tools tell us WHAT we do, SDI helps us understand WHY we and others behave the way we do. SDI focuses on values and what motivates our behaviours. It is intended to create a common language about work relationships that guide people toward greater understanding, helps them communicate more effectively and manage potential conflict.



  • Increased awareness and mutual understanding about what motivates different behaviour with individuals and teams.
  • Improved communication and team effectiveness.
  • Ability to manage differences more easily and productively.
  • Reduced team conflict.

The SDI assessment can be facilitated through half day sessions to full day workshops and is a great way to develop a common understanding of what motivates each of us.

Interested in learning more about the Strength Deployment Inventory?

Great! I would love to connect!