First Issue of Transparent Leadership!

First Issue of Transparent Leadership!
August 4, 2010 pamgriffiths

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my first issue of Transparent Leadership! I’m excited to let you know my Coaching practice has launched and my website is now live!

After 20 years working in the Direct Selling industry, coaching, training and mentoring hundreds of leaders, I understand the challenges that leaders and their organizations face. It has become clear to me that in order for organizations to be progressive and thrive in today’s vastly changing world, coaching will be a key ingredient toward success and sustainable change in the future.

Transparent Leadership was developed to support leaders like you, in the hope that you may find inspiration, motivation and courage to become the leader you were called to be. In doing so, you may also experience transformational shifts both personally and professionally as you lead others in your greatest area of influence.
Watch for snippets of my personal journey in upcoming issues of Transparent Leadership, as I transition from the Corporate world to pursue my ongoing passion for coaching. Specifically, Executive Coaching, with the purpose of  developing and supporting coaching cultures in the workplace.
Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported me in getting this off the ground!
I hope you enjoy!


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