How To Get Better Results As A Leader

How To Get Better Results As A Leader
February 28, 2020 Pam Griffiths
how smart leaders get results

Do you want to increase results?

Have more impact?

Do work you love?

Reach your goals and gain back time?

I KNOW you are a smart leader. I’m curious – Are you having the impact you know is possible? If you’re not getting the results you know you are capable of, I’d invite you to ask yourself, how effective are your coaching conversations at work?

Coaching skills are a necessary tool of EVERY leaders toolkit today. They’re not a ‘nice to have’, they’re a MUST have.

Smart leaders are great coaches.

We coach to unleash capability within others.

Have you ever had that light bulb moment go off when you were coaching someone?

Me too. And that can actually be problematic… When you are coaching others, that is.

When the light bulb goes off in YOUR brain (because you just had a great idea and want to tell your coachee all about how you think they should run with your great idea), you might be thinking that you’re coaching (and intending to) but you’re really not. As coaches we look for the lightbulb moments happening in our coachees brain.

Here’s what you need to know…

In order to make change, we need to access the pre-frontal cortex. When we ask a question, we engage the prefrontal cortex. THAT’S where we create new insights.

When we answer a question, our neurons fire. And you may have heard that what fires together, wires together. THIS is how we create new pathways in the brain. THIS is how we help others create lasting impact. THIS is where the real change happens

Want to know how this works and how to bring real coaching to your team? Check out my latest video from HR Disrupt where I delivered a 5 minute ‘power’ talk on How Smart Leaders Get Results.

If you’ve been hearing the call to go deeper into your coaching skills, whether you’re a new coach, aspiring coach or a seasoned coach (we all need a refresher), we have 2 Live coach training cohorts this Spring.

We won’t be running another cohort until Fall 2020, so if you’re ready to help yourself and others create lasting impact, while doing more of what you love, join us! 

May 13th-15th, 2020: Berkshires, Massachusetts

May 27th-29th: Niagara, Ontario

Click here to apply for The Coach Approach System™ Academy Level I Live!

Please note: It is our intention to run these cohorts live, however in light of recent events, we will move our cohort online if need be.


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