How to navigate ambiguity & thrive!

How to navigate ambiguity & thrive!
October 9, 2020 Pam Griffiths

Join me this FALL with a Fresh Start!


After a summer unlike any before, Autumn is here and we’re getting back into our routines… Except this year, they probably look a little different than they did last year.


2020 has undoubtedly been an unexpected year of big change for everyone. With change comes ambiguity.


As we navigate new waters together, going back to work, having kids in school with different systems in place, shifts happening in our workplace or you may be considering taking the leap to follow your passions… It’s not uncommon to experience overwhelm and anxiety when there is uncertainty in our lives.


Human beings are creatures of habit… we have grown accustomed to enjoy routine and predictability. I get it, I like routine (at times).


The challenge today is, how can you create routine and predictability in a world you’ve never experienced before?


I like to think of fall as a fresh start. It’s the time to ramp back up after summer vacation and come back to reset our focus and intentions for the rest of the year.


Our fresh start happened 2 weeks ago when we held our strategic planning meeting with my team. It was a big win because we have been so “busy” that we were putting it off to “fit” it into the calendar. 


Here is what we learned through the process.


#1 We weren’t fully clear on our goals for the last quarter and how the team was contributing to these goals. (Go figure, this is what I teach my clients! ) Full transparency. We’re human too!


#2 We were frustrated because we felt out of alignment. (This felt different for each team member based on our unique strengths) 


#3 We all need a reset at times even when we resist what we most need to break through!(It was time for a vulnerable share (felt like I got naked) with my team about my BIG vision for the future as we revolutionize the coaching industry. This was a necessary breakthrough.

#4 We needed to commit to the plan that included implementing new systems to support our success.


#5 The team feels energetically aligned and accountable to achieving their goals through their unique strengths.


What I know is; Defining and aligning your vision, values and goals (sometimes pressing “reset”) no matter how small or large, it’s necessary to do so even in the middle of the ambiguity. It helps us feel grounded and prepared to take big action and THRIVE!

Here are 4 Steps to help you navigate the uncharted waters and find your reset button.


  •  Grounding- Write down your favorite rituals that ground you and help you become centered. Come back to them as often as you can throughout the day
  •  What are you questioning about yourself, career, business and life right now?

Who can you turn to who will listen about what is shifting in your life and help you navigate the future? 


  •  How is this unprecedented time calling you to play bigger in your life?

What will help you rise above the noise and fear so you can take bold action?

  •  What will help you get into a Growth Mindset? 

How can you pivot at this opportune time- take the pressure off not knowing everything before taking action and go with the flow.


We all need boundaries and routines. It may be time to reset the dial and put new boundaries back into your life so you can honour what’s important.


Share your thoughts and comments with us! Reach out if you would like to talk through your current challenge or opportunity and schedule a complimentary strategy call here.



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