Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching

For coaches and aspiring coaches who are working toward attaining their ICF credential or want to build their business.

We offer mentor coaching to meet the ten hour requirement by the International Coach Federation for obtaining your ACC or PCC credential. All mentor coaches have attained their PCC credential and have successfully supported numerous aspiring coaches through the ICF certification process.

Mentor coaching 10 hour requirement options:

Option A – 10 hours of one on one mentor coaching, including audits, debrief and feedback based on the ICF core competencies.

Option B – 7 hours of group coaching to prepare you for writing the ICF exam, plus 3 hours of one on one coaching, including audits and feedback with the focus of skill development and embedding the learning.

The mentor coaching process will help you further develop your confidence as a coach, provide you with valuable support and growing edge feedback.

Mentor Coaching for Business Development

If you are a coach or entrepreneur wanting to develop your business, my business development group coaching program is designed to help you achieve breakthrough results, increase your confidence, successfully sell and market yourself, increase your income and go after your big bold dreams. You can check it out here!

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