The ONE thing every coach and leader MUST know

The ONE thing every coach and leader MUST know
September 23, 2019 Pam Griffiths
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I thought I knew my stuff as a leader. In my days in the corporate world, leading thousands of people… I attended leadership trainings galore and I was SURE I knew how to coach. My work was inspiring people. They were seeing results and I could feel my work was having an impact. I thought I had proper coaching skills.

But eventually I reached a point where I felt like I had hit a wall. I needed more tools and the skills I had were no longer working anymore.

In fact, these “skills” I had… The ones I had acquired over the years… Weren’t actually coaching skills at all. I found that out quickly when I attended a graduate level executive coaching program.

I didn’t know any different. Up to that point in my life, I had experienced coaching as telling, advising and inspiring others to take action. That style of “coaching” had worked… until it didn’t.

Frustrated with my inability to grow and develop “my people” beyond their current state, I questioned whether coaching was for me. I began to second guess myself as a leader in my industry (even though I had been successful for many years prior). 

I was STUCK. 

Watch this video I put together for you where I share more about what I was doing wrong as a leader and how you can avoid it!

My leaders were stuck ….

I sensed I needed something more. Something was shifting within me. 

I felt I needed new ways to help them shift their mindset and reach even bigger goals. But I didn’t have any tools left in my tool kit to take them deeper. 

Can you relate? 

That was nearly 10 years ago and once I obtained the real coaching skills that I needed… My results and my clients’ results skyrocketed.

The Coaching Skills You Need

REAL coaching skills were the missing tool in my toolkit. I needed to learn how to ask powerful questions and hold others capable of doing what they’re skilled at… Rather than solving everyone’s problems.

Something I’ve learned, is that solving other people’s problems is the perfect recipe for overwhelm, frustration, longer hours at your desk and sometimes emotional outbursts with those you love most (we call that displacement). 

My new coaching skills were effective in leading my clients and team toward achieving greater success and experience powerful, lasting change. And now, I help coaches and leaders develop the same extraordinary coaching skills through a simplified coaching method. The Coach Approach System™. 

It’s about asking the right questions at the right time, and learning how to use your intuition to guide you in conversation. It’s about empowering others to solve their OWN problems and tap into their OWN intuition.

Because telling is no longer working. Telling shrinks thinking. And telling is not coaching.

Listen to Sir Ken Robinson’s research on how telling is shrinking our thinking, beginning in our early years at school.

If you feel stuck, not getting the results you want and expect from yourself and others…

If it feels like you’re trying so hard and have no energy left at the end of the day…

And you know deep down that something in you or those you support needs to shift but you’re just not sure what…

The Coach Approach System™ can help you.

The Coach Approach System is about leading self-first. 

It’s about achieving better results for yourself, your company and increasing ROI by empowering your team and clients using my proven system. It’s about holding others capable and letting go of problem-solving so you can free up more time in your day to play bigger.

The Coach Approach System™ Level I provides the foundational tools to effectively coach others, reinvigorating how you lead forever. This training helps you develop your leadership presence, leverage the power of your intuition, challenge obstacles, explore possibilities and take courageous action.

I created The Coach Approach System™ to help you close the gap and significantly uplevel your skills and your clients experience. You will walk away with a personalized road map to reach your goals and a robust leadership coaching toolkit. My methodology makes it easy for you to reuse the tools and strategies that we have taught hundreds of participants who today are changing lives one conversation at a time.

Are you ready to take your clients deeper and achieve results you never thought possible?

The Coach Approach System™ 3-day Live is happening November 20th-22nd and seats are filling up. It’s a program that I’m quite proud of and that I know will transform the way you lead forever. 

Ready to join us for 3 highly engaging days of personal growth and walk away with coaching skills that transform your conversations? 

Reserve your seat TODAY

Not sure this training is for you? Would you like more information?

Let’s chat! Schedule a discovery call with us today to see if you’re a good fit.

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