What I learned from 2019 and how to be intentional in 2020

What I learned from 2019 and how to be intentional in 2020
February 14, 2020 Pam Griffiths

It’s a new year AND a new decade, which can call for massive shifts.

It’s the perfect time to think about the changes you want to make and all of the goals you want to achieve!

I accomplished a lot in 2019, including the release of my book Leadership unleashed (get it here at 20% off for our 1 year anniversary sale!), training up faculty to deliver my Coach Training program The Coach Approach System™ and expanding my team. There were also many things that I wanted to get done that didn’t happen (have you ever set unrealistic goals too?).

Here’s what worked:

My theme Courageous Alignment –  2019 has been a year of doing courageous things that felt “easy”.  Easy because it was aligned with my strengths and vision. So when I took courageous action it was done with ease. It flowed because I wasn’t going against the grain.  

When I courageously said “yes!”, it was aligned to my vision values and strengths. 

As I look at the goals I set for 2019, the wins were numerous. 

Reaching number #1 best seller on Amazon. I recall writing this down and almost laughing to myself thinking “How will that be possible?” 

Who would have thought?!

We broke our own record and trained the largest number of aspiring coaches last year through my coach training academy The Coach Approach System™ and we now have more facilitators teaching my programs. Yippee!

I set my intention, held my team capable and together we made it happen.

My focus was to further leverage my business from “Me to We”. My goal was to continue to be free to travel and not be tied to a desk. This happened on so many levels last year. I remember being in Columbia and jumping on a call with my team thinking “This is what a leveraged business feels like!” Woohoo! 

What didn’t work:

Do you find yourself setting unrealistic goals at times? I do notice some of the goals I set are unrealistic. I get a lot done and can accomplish a fair bit but when I reflect on what I set out to do, some of the stretch goals aren’t fully supported with strategies to get there. I’m letting go of that and taking in what we DID accomplish last year.

BTW- In the middle of all of that, my husband and I renovated a home and moved! 

Lessons learned: 

Set your goal and take courageous, aligned action. It works!

This year’s intention is to create Deeper Connection with Love & Support

Leverage the Love and Let GO! 

This is my headline for 2020.

I think we all struggle with the “doing” in business and forget about being.

So this year is all about leading from my heart because it’s where I thrive. It’s what feels most authentically aligned. When I get into busy mode I forget about “being” and that takes me out of the vortex. Yuck! My clients don’t experience the real me. 

Do you struggle with that too?

What would you like to achieve in 2o2o? And what are all the things you need to let go of in order to reach your goals? 

What did 2019 bring to you?

How are you setting yourself up for 2020?

What are your intentions this year?

What inspires you?

What are you ready to change?

What support do you need?

If you have not been as successful as you’d have liked with reaching your goals, schedule a call with one of my assessment coaches. We have a number of options to help you, through 1:1 coaching, and coaching programs. Stay tuned for a really big announcement (hint: think membership) this year! I want to make it easy to say yes to working with me so I can help you have more impact! 

2020 is your year to shift the way you do things so you can have more impact!!


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