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Are you a leader who wants to become more effective both in your role and in the performance of your team? Then you may benefit from one-on-one coaching or coach training.


Are you a coach or an aspiring coach? Ready to take your skills to the next level with guidance of experienced and professionally trained coaches? You may benefit from our accredited coach training programs that can support you to attaining an ICF coach credential.


Are you struggling to find time to be strategic? Working too hard, not getting the results you want? Challenged to grow beyond your current state? You may benefit from coaching.

Are you feeling stressed? 

Not getting the results you want?

Do you want to become a more effective leader?

Hi, I’m Pam 

I’m excited you’re here! Do you find yourself not getting the results you want because you’re too busy and often feeling stressed?

We get how challenging it can be when intuitively, you know you need to make a change, yet you can’t quite figure out how, or who to turn to. Not to worry, it’s normal and we’re here to help you get the results you want and deep down know you deserve.

I’ve coached and trained thousands of high achieving, busy executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who’ve struggled to get the results they want, to live happier, more productive lives by helping them focus on what matters.

If you’re curious and want to learn more, you can email us  to ask questions and fill out a questionnaire to help us get to know you better. Or if you prefer to have a conversation, you can set up a call with one of our assessment coaches.

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The Way We Work:

Step 1. Determine fit. This requires us taking time together to better understand your needs and, for you get a feel for how we work. If we mutually agree there’s a fit, we will move to our assessment phase. If we’re not a good fit, we may provide recommendations based on what you want/need.

Step 2. This assessment phase helps us identify which is the next logical step forward, the one that will work best for you. Ie; coaching skills training, 1:1, team or group coaching, business development, strategic planning, assessments, etc.. Once that is determined, we will get you set up for taking the next big step forward. 

Step 3. Now you’re ready to jump in with two feet! This is exciting and yes, it can feel a little scary too. Again this is a normal part of the change process and it’s where the big shifts happen. Please don’t get the wrong idea, making change isn’t simple. If it were, everyone would do it.  There is plenty of neuroscience and research on what goes into making change. It requires courage, trust and commitment to doing the work. There are no magic wands here or quick fixes. We have a team of professional coaches and highly driven individuals who are committed to your success.

We would love to help you get clear about your goals, develop a strategy that is empowering and meaningful for you, so that you can achieve greater success in your personal and professional life.

Working with a professional coach can help you align your values with your unique ability and provide you with the consistent support you need to achieve breakthrough results.

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