Embrace the Power of Pausing: Healing for Strength and Resilience

Published: March 7, 2022

Let’s talk about celebration and the importance of celebrating! In fact, it’s a big part of the ICF’s core competency in coaching – it facilitates client growth.

Why is celebrating in coaching important?

Celebrating keeps us energized, focussed and optimistic about the future. This can be super helpful during challenging times. It’s important to remember to celebrate even the small baby steps along your journey in achieving the results that you’re looking for in your business and life.

Celebrating helps us build momentum especially when we are going after BIG goals we’ve never achieved before. If you know me well, that’s what we do at PGC Inc. We are always going after big goals on our team and encouraging our students and clients to do the same (and showing them how).

Celebration reminds us that we ARE making progress even when it might not feel like it.
By pushing the pause button (to STOP doing for a moment) and take stock of what we’ve accomplished and how far we’ve come, helps us to reflect on all of the great things we’ve done so far.

Revelling in your accomplishments feels really good and releases the “happy hormones”, an endorphin cocktail if you will, in the brain which increases your drive and focus. 

It’s important to model celebration of accomplishments for your team, family and children because we can get caught up in the “busyness” and bypass all the great strides you’ve made. 

People who know me well know that Celebration is a ritual in all that I do. Sometimes it looks like throwing confetti or a trip to a fabulous destination to celebrate achieving a milestone. Maybe it’s a special lunch with your team or loved ones. 

Champagne is a one of my favourite symbols – in fact we just finished celebrating my parents’ move into their new home! The first thing we did was pop open a bottle of bubbly to help them celebrate their new home and new chapter.  

If this is new for you, think about something you’ve recently accomplished. 

Write it down. 

How does it feel to have achieved it?

What is your way to celebrate this?

How and when should you celebrate in coaching?

As often as possible.

At the beginning of every team meeting at PGC Inc., we begin with wins. 

Beginning on a positive note keeps the energy  high, it puts a smile on everyone’s face and is a great way to begin our day.

In our most recent cohort of The Coach Approach System™, I asked our graduate coaches, how will you celebrate this incredible milestone? Afterall, they completed a rigorous coach training program amidst likely one of the most challenging times in history.

They had to move out of their offices into their homes, dealt with new complexities of working from home (some with kids around), and managing their teams in a new way.

Reflecting on how far they had  come brought a smile to their face as they realized how much they really did accomplish.

Some knew right away how they were going to celebrate while others needed longer to reflect on what celebration would look like for them. 

Time for YOU to celebrate!

What ways do you like to celebrate?

What’s important about celebrating for you? 

How does it feel to celebrate your wins with others or on your own?

I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating! Let me know what it is and how you’re going to celebrate your accomplishments in the comments!

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