April 28, 2022

Ready to Change Things up?

I’m back after an extended stay in Mexico! It’s fascinating how noticeably different things really are here….

Today’s message is about listening to and following your inner guidance. My “work-cation” was a result of that.

I’ll be sharing my insights, key takeaways, experiences, (even some woo and bits from my journal!) over the upcoming weeks to help you; recognize the internal shifts you might be experiencing and what you can do about it. 

Ready to step into your truth and become more aligned with who you are?

It was time to change things up. I could feel my inner guidance nudging me daily. Internally I felt unsettled and knew I needed to expand beyond my current state (and home office walls).

What shifts are you noticing right now? What (if anything) feels off?

Granted, with all that’s going on in the world and media, my mindset could have been stuck on all the reasons why I shouldn’t travel right now. 

Once I said YES to my inner wisdom and shifting my current reality, it was easy to pull together travel plans and a home office in Mexico. 

What I can say is, I LOVE working from paradise! (I was reminded of how it felt when I was there the same time last year …. )

When I started my business a decade ago, I knew it needed to have flexibility. I didn’t want to be tied to a desk, especially after years in a corporate structure. 

You see, I built a business that offers flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. It didn’t just happen that way, it was intentionally created. 

From my journal: “Today I’m abundantly reminded that I’m living my vision!

Sometimes internal or external factors disrupt our intentions and ability to stay on course. It’s normal and they serve a purpose.

The pandemic has squashed our ability to gather face to face, travel and experience what norms we know to be true for living our everyday life. 

It’s likely why the airports are so busy now as many are desperate to get away. At least that’s what many tourists shared with me. 

  1. What surprised me – I knew I needed to travel to gain a new perspective and I’d lost sight of the flexibility I had created for my life. And, I simply wasn’t aware of how much I needed to travel for my well being.

I’ve recently heard the term “temporary resignation”. Meaning leaders courageously requested a leave from their role to enhance their well being. 

My five and a half week work-cation” felt like a magical hiatus.

If we don’t make our well being a priority, no one else will. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to push through or try to ignore it, the unsettled feeling from lack of self care will remain unresolved and show up in many areas of your life. 

This is about talking about personal responsibility.

How are you taking care of your well being?

There is a feeling of expansiveness and excitement that comes from stepping out of the norm and into new places.

When I’m in expansive energy, I feel deeply connected, more open to possibility and my creativity flows. I’m a firm believer that travel changes lives. (It may feel challenging right now and yet it’s still possible.)

  1. The learning: I was depleted, feeling cut off from source and had forgotten the importance of being in this expansive energy. Daily beach walks helped me get re-centred.

Being in Mexico provided a fresh new perspective (we all need this). It enriched my spirit and helped me get back to ME, so that I can continue to serve in a really big way.

It became a personal retreat that my soul was calling for. (I just needed to listen)

From my journal: “Each day I am filled with awe, wonder and immense gratitude. During my daily rituals, sunrises and beach walks tuned into classical music, I feel divinely connected. The same divine connection I experience while working with heart centred clients.” 

And I got to share this incredible experience with new acquaintances, heart centred clients and coaches LIVE, face to face!

Most of my career has been consumed with listening to people’s stories, and this remained true over the last five plus weeks.

It doesn’t matter where I go, people seem gravitate to me and share their stories. It’s as though I have a sign on my head that says “a safe place to share your truth”.

I’ve come to understand it’s an intuitive, energy thing. I met many fascinating people during my stay and when asked what drew them in, they simply said “I just knew I needed to connect with you.” 

  1. Takeaway: While I built a business to work from anywhere, both online and in person. Working soley online due to the pandemic isn’t sustainable and will never replace the “in person” human connection. This trip made it loud and clear.

Metaphorically, coaches are like lighthouses. We help you see your truth, navigate the storm and leverage opportunities.

I am humbled when clients (and new acquaintances) open their hearts to me. It is a privilege and great responsibility as a coach to receive. 

The fact is, we all need a safe place to land, especially now with so much disruption in our lives. 

What about you? Who do you turn to when everyone turns to you?

If you’re feeling at a crossroads in your career, business or life, and want to learn more about how to make 2022 your year to shine, reach out to book a discovery callWe’d love to be your lighthouse and help you move forward in a big way.

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