June 12, 2024

BEing the Light

Your job as a highly successful leader is to be the light that shines so brightly others feel compelled to be in your energy field.

As such, taking time for meditation and sitting with yourself and your divine gifts is a priority.

To calm your nervous system and quiet the noise allows the messages to surface from within.

It is your divine right to be in your power, and somehow you’ve lost your way to unlock the essence of who you truly are.
It’s OK, and it’s time to get back on track.

Coming back to who you are is easy once you practice. Sitting quietly for a few minutes each day and eventually lengthening your practice to BEing twice a day.

It is relevant to how you will influence and attract more leaders and clients to you so you can create more magic, change more lives, and create extraordinary outcomes in this lifetime by being in your divine presence.

Where do you begin, you ask?

Choose a quiet space, a comfortable chair, and a beautiful room to sit quietly daily with yourself.
You may choose to bring a journal and something to journal with.

Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and turn your attention inward. You may put your hand over your heart to draw your attention inward, eventually awakening to the messages that come from your heart.

With continual practice, words, insights, and inspiration will come as you awaken to your true essence, divine nature, and “you’est you,” as my good friend Julie Reisler would say.

When this becomes a daily practice, you will begin to notice your inspiration guiding you throughout the day.

You may choose to set an intention for what you will like to come to you or what you will like to experience that day.

Ask a question and listen for your intuitive wisdom to whisper the answer.

Then simply allow the universe to unfold as it will show you signs if you pay attention.

Will love to hear what resonates. ✨💜

Much Love & Light,


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