Core Strengths SDI 2.0 (Strength Deployment Inventory) is a strengths assessment tool that focuses on relationship intelligence. 

What is Relationship Intelligence? 

Relationship Intelligence is the insight to adjust your approach to make interactions more effective.

SDI measures your core motives, how you experience conflict, your strengths, and how strengths can be overdone, limiting interpersonal effectiveness. With these four views, it delivers personalized insight to help you and your teams build trust and form productive relationships.

Knowing your team composite makes it easier for your team to understand each other’s strengths and know-how to appreciate their differences. 

Why is SDI important? When teams know what motivates each colleague, you can discuss why you see things differently. When diversity is seen as an asset, diverse opinions can lead to a breakthrough. And with visibility into team strengths, you can leverage everyone’s best for more significant results.

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360 Feedback

There are several 360-degree feedback tools available. 

We use an organic 360 that is specifically designed to the individual being coached to capture feedback around their leadership. Interviews take place with identified stakeholders and the essence of the feedback is debriefed with a professional coach and the client to evaluate what’s working, uncover blindspots and incorporate next steps for leadership development.

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Leadership Self Assessment

This Leadership Self Assessment is designed to help you gain insight into your current coaching skills. There are no right or wrong answers, the questions are simply a way of exploring your starting line; they will help you learn about your natural strengths and areas of opportunities.   

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