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The Importance of Real Coaching Conversations

As professional coaches, the journey of learning coaching skills never ends. Contrary to what you might believe, earning your credential is just the beginning. In my 5 Step Guide to Having Real Coaching Conversations, I share with you an overview of my 5-step process that I created to help you have coaching conversations that follow ICF’s definition […]

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3 Steps to Bring More Heart Into Your Coaching Conversations

Bring More Heart & Courage to Your Coaching Conversations The heart of coaching is in the coaching conversation, which takes time, training, courage and commitment from organizations, leaders and aspiring coaches.  That’s easier said than done especially in today’s environment of constant change. Coaching conversations are where breakthroughs happen and “impossible” futures are declared possible. […]

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What the world needs now

What the world needs now Is Love Sweet Love….❤️ This song has been ringing in my head lately as I’ve been reflecting, listen deeply for what the world needs most right now. I’ve been searching to find words to express what many are feeling and experiencing right now and to inspire hope and help you […]

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Ready to Change Things up?

I’m back after an extended stay in Mexico! It’s fascinating how noticeably different things really are here…. Today’s message is about listening to and following your inner guidance. My “work-cation” was a result of that. I’ll be sharing my insights, key takeaways, experiences, (even some woo and bits from my journal!) over the upcoming weeks to […]

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The Importance of Celebrating in Coaching

Let’s talk about celebration and the importance of celebrating! In fact, it’s a big part of the ICF’s core competency in coaching – it facilitates client growth. Why is celebrating in coaching important? Celebrating keeps us energized, focussed and optimistic about the future. This can be super helpful during challenging times. It’s important to remember […]

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Find Your Voice And Speak

I’ve been reflecting a lot as I observe the disruption happening in our world becoming more pronounced right now. It doesn’t surprise me that people want to be heard, especially at this pivotal time. Wanting to be heard is an essential part of who we are. More people are finding the courage to speak their […]

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