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6 Figure Business Development

Struggling to get clients and have the impact you truly desire?

Has your business become more time consuming than the corporate job you left or are thinking of leaving? Are you ready to increase your impact, attract more ideal clients and make more money while experiencing more joy and freedom? 

Regardless of where you are in the evolution of business growth, we all hit certain road blocks that require different tools, systems and support at various stages in our development.

For example, a newly minted coach who has gone through rigorous training and obtained a professional coach credential goes to hang out their shingle, often hits a roadblock. They’re really good at their craft and know WHY they want to coach (because they want to help people in a big way) but they struggle to get paying clients and grow a thriving business and stay stuck for far too long. That was me over a decade ago.

I’ve walked a similar path and today I help entrepreneurs and leaders get out of the weeds, leverage their strengths and develop their team so they can experience more joy and have more impact. 

It’s time to STOP being the best kept secret!

My proven systems and strategies have helped me get where I am and have helped coaches get more clients and increase their results up 500%. We will help you develop a plan that’s inspiring and meaningful and take inspired action so that you CAN achieve the results you know are possible for you.

And the best part? Growing a thriving business doesn’t have to be painful! Whether you’re just starting out, growing to 6 figures or leveraging a multi 6 or 7 figure business, I’ll coach you through it with ease and confidence.

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The Business Development Program is for highly intuitive, heart centred coaches who want to be more effective, build a 6 figure or multiple 6 figure business that delivers freedom, impact and results.

Our 12 month business development program is for you if you:

  • Are a newly trained coach with a few clients and want to attract more ideal clients
  • Want to grow a 5 or 6 figure business
  • Have a 6 or multiple 6 figure business and you're feeling maxed out
  • Are ready to get out of the weeds and scale your business so you can have more freedom, joy and impact

Our holistic approach will help you stay focused and aligned on what you really want for your business and in your life.

We will help you develop your BIG vision that has meaning and purpose, increase your income and impact by providing you with foundational sales and marketing tools, strategies and systems to support your success. As a  result our clients feel lighter, happier and more productive doing work they love!

The 6 Figure Business Development program provides:

  • 24 + video/audio lessons and worksheets with proven strategies to grow your business from a-z YOUR way.
  • 1:1 support from your own personal coach *leveraged BDP tracks only
  • Access to a heart centered community to support you on your journey
  • And so much more

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