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The Power of Knowledge

Welcome Decision Makers!

  • Are you working too hard for little results?
  • Are you questioning your ability to lead effectively in today's complex environment?
  • Finding it hard to focus and motivate your team?

If you want to lead more effectively, shift culture and have more impact, you're in the right place!

You know the expression what got you here... This is a common occurrence if you have moved or are moving into a C-suite role and haven't yet received the support you need to help you think from the CEO seat.

Executive coaching is a good option if you need a safe confidential space to support you in your new role or if you've adopted a new team and need a strategic thinking partner to help you feel confident in your new seat. Or perhaps you want to shift culture and leverage strengths that currently exist and you're not sure where to go or who to turn to.

Executive coaches range from 500 ++ an hour. While the investment is worth it and delivers great ROI for our clients, if you’ve been appointed to shift culture the costs would be exorbitant for all leaders and managers to have their own personal coach.

The best way to create long term impact and maximize your ROI is to develop your leaders to be effective coaches. This helps you tap into the capability that currently exists within your organization. Our coaching program is designed to help you use coaching as a leadership strategy to leverage strengths, shift culture and increase results within your organization. We do this by building solid personal leadership and coaching skill development.

  • Companies that invest in coaching coupled with training increase productivity upwards of 86%
  • Compared to 22% for training alone.

We can help you shift culture and amplify your results

Leading Culture Change

Have you been tasked to lead culture change within your organization? Training your leaders to be effective coaches opens the hearts and minds of employees impacting the way they communicate, support and challenge each other. Holding coaching conversations consistently in organizations creates growth minded, positive, learning work environments.

Leaders who coach effectively unleash the capability within their teams creating thinking and development cultures, cascade decision making down and hold people accountable and self-responsible. This leadership strategy helps leaders THINK for themselves (rather than call on you for the answer).

Leading heart centred, learning and development organizations where employees know and experience what true coaching is, shifts culture. This is when managers and leaders have been skilled up on how to engage in coaching conversations regularly. Applying a coach approach shifts the way people interact with one another in their day-to-day conversations - less problem-solving and a more developed skill of asking questions where individuals come to their own solutions. It allows for open communication and creates an environment of trust, learning and transparency where people are valued contributors in the day to day operations and overall success of the team and organization.

One of the reasons coaching is brought into the workplace is to develop talent, increase trust, confidence and help leaders shift from a directive (telling) style, to a growth and development mindset to elevate leadership capability. This cutting edge leadership approach, expands the hearts and minds of individuals, increases productivity and creates long term impact.

How coaching has impacted our clients and their companies:

  • Fewer sick days by reducing burnout
  • Increased effectiveness and productivity
  • Creating self responsibility and accountability
  • Faster, more intentional decision making
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved personal life and quality of relationships
  • Increased ROI

A global study of coaching clients conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre found that the return on investment (ROI) for professional coaching was an average of seven times the initial investment, with more than a quarter of coaching clients reporting an ROI of 10-49 times. (qtd. in Symonds)

Organizations who want to develop their leaders with coaching skills and do not meet the minimum criteria of 10 participants to run an in house session, can refer their leaders to the Coach Approach Leadership Academy™ public cohorts. 


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