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Welcome High Achievers! Are you ready to become more effective in your role and in the performance of your team?

  • Are you working too hard for little results?
  • Are you questioning your ability to lead effectively?
  • Finding it hard to focus on your goals and motivate your team?

It can be lonely at the top and today’s environment of constant change has proven to be more challenging than ever before. It's becoming increasingly challenging to quiet the noise so you can navigate the complexities and lead more effectively today.

If you’re feeling this too, you're not alone and you may benefit from one-on-one leadership coaching.

You know the expression what got you here... This is a common occurrence if you have moved or are moving into an executive or C-suite role and haven't yet received the support you need to help you think from the CEO seat.

Executive coaching is a good option if you need a safe confidential space to support you in your new role or if you've adopted a new team and need a strategic thinking partner to help you feel confident in your new seat. Or perhaps you want to shift culture and leverage strengths that currently exist and you're not sure who to turn to.

We focus on identifying key areas of opportunities including how to increase your impact, leverage your strengths and leadership effectiveness so you can show up authentically in your role.

Our one-on-one coaching engagement is customized to your needs and can include a strengths assessment, 360 feedback, email/text support and a foundation meeting in addition to one-on-one calls (in person or online). We will identify your strengths, define your goals and opportunities for growth that leverage your unique leadership potential.(minimum six month engagement)

Our coaches apply a holistic approach meaning, we see you as a whole person and we’re not simply coaching you on what you “do”. Together we will build a plan focused on what you most want to accomplish so that you feel happier, more productive and achieve results with ease and confidence.

If you struggle to effectively manage, engage and develop your team, my coaching system will provide you with the leadership tools and strategies to support your success long term.

Coaching for the Entrepreneur

Executive coaching will allow you to achieve breakthrough results in your business, increase your impact, income and set up systems that align with who you are and what you want.

Entrepreneurs often struggle to find the time to be strategic which hinders them from getting to the next level of business growth. They find themselves busy reacting to the daily business needs, working too hard with not enough return and struggle to grow beyond their current state. Is this true for you?

Our coaching process will help you focus on being more strategic, develop a plan that includes doing more of what you love and less of what you don't so that you achieve your desired vision for your life with ease, confidence and joy.

Why our clients invest in coaching

  • For leadership development
  • To increase confidence and competence 
  • Develop self awareness and enhance mindfulness
  • To increase joy, reduce stress and burnout
  • Increase meaning, purpose and impact
  • To develop leaders as coaches 
  • To retain top talent
  • As part of their succession planning
  • To support their success after a promotion
  • To support, develop and stay accountable to the strategic plan 
  • To sift through the complexity and focus on results
  • To generate creativity and increase learning outcomes

What my clients have said:

"You're inspiring! I felt naturally drawn to your energy." 

"Your openness and grace naturally drew me in."

"You helped me take inspired action!"

Hear what Peter and Dale have to say. And if you're inspired by their story, let's connect!

Ready to become a more effective leader and increase results?

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