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PG Team

Sionette Ottey

Hi, I’m Sionette (pronounce Shawnette). I joined the PGC Inc. family in 2019. With over 21 years of business management and customer service experience, I hold high standards and business ethics and bring a wealth of knowledge to the team

I began as an Administrator and Client Support. My role proliferated into playing a key leadership role at PGC Inc as an integrator, creating the magic behind the scenes and supporting Pam, the visionary, and our team as the Business Manager.

My caring nature and honest demeanour are what make me a great asset to our team. I’m super organized and my methodical approach is instrumental in helping us plan and develop efficient processes and execute key business growth initiatives. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, friends and family. I love to travel and hope to make it to Fiji and Bali in the near future.


Lauren Ashley

Hi, I'm Lauren a certified facilitator of the Coach Approach Leadership Academy™ and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation with over 180 coach training hours.

I work with leaders and entrepreneurs around the world who are ready to reach their next level and achieve audacious goals with more ease and alignment. Combining awareness and intuition with strategy and a proven coaching process I help my clients see massive results.

With a BA in Psychology, I believe in the mind, body, spirit connection and use a holistic approach in my coaching. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, I believe it takes a combination of the right strategy (for you), mindset work to overcome obstacles and open your mind to limitless opportunity, and trust in yourself to see the best results.

Clients consistently share that I ask the right questions and that my groundedness leaves them with a sense of calm and the clarity that they need to take the next step on their journey.

When I'm not behind my laptop empowering others to reach and grow beyond their potential, you can find me walking the beach along the Riviera Maya, riding my scooter to find my next food adventure, creating something new in the kitchen, focusing inward on my yoga mat or reading anything that helps my personal growth.


Matthew Cintron-Quiñones

As a current Master Certified Coach—and former educator, administrator, manager, and international jet setter—Matthew has found that one of his favourite things is understanding how humans learn. It's like cracking the code to unlock one's true potential. Matthew has a knack for helping folks figure out how to learn more effectively, and there's nothing quite as satisfying to him as watching the lightbulb go off when they finally get it—who doesn't love a good "aha!" moment? When it comes to problem-solving, Matthew is like a detective on a mission. He lives to help people get to the root of their challenges and develop creative solutions. In the words of his mentor: "Until, and unless, you get to the bottom-line truth for your client, you are merely providing a Band-Aid."

Matthew doesn't do temporary fixes. He brings his clients on an adventure to the depths of their being. Matthew also emphasizes one's power. It's like a secret superpower we all have, but sometimes we forget it's there. Matthew supports creating a space where people feel seen, cared about, and respected. That's when the real magic happens. Matthew believes that when we tap into our personal power, we can truly transform our lives. Matthew is not here to give all the answers but to ask the right questions (about things we have yet to think about) and help others find their truths. Together, Matthew partners with his clients to navigate the inner workings and uncover their unique strengths and challenges—with a little (or a lot of) fun along the way!

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