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About Pam Griffiths Coaching Inc.

Pam Griffiths Coaching Inc., a professional coaching and training company takes a holistic approach to personal growth. Our coaching system is based on our philosophy of leveraging a leader’s strengths while aligning their vision and values to support their success. This approach supports our leaders, coaches and teams to take meaningful action, experience positive change and achieve extraordinary results.

We encourage our clients to bring their whole self to the conversation because what you do as a leader is only one piece of the puzzle. Other aspects of life are interwoven with your career and play a part in how you show up and create a positive impact.

Our team of ICF certified coaches has partnered with numerous organizations and leaders around the globe to advance leadership, find work-life balance and experience extraordinary results. Our mission is to embed a coaching culture into the day-to-day interactions of the business by partnering with the organization’s decision makers. We assess organizational needs and goals through powerful thought provoking conversations. Our process increases engagement, develops high trust, and empowers leadership to take inspired action, resulting in high performing teams.

We are revolutionizing the coaching industry, by providing professional training for leaders and coaches around the globe, creating happier, heart-centered leaders and thriving workplaces. Our team of coaches work with entrepreneurs of 5 and 6 figure companies as well as CEOs, VPs and Directors overseeing multimillion dollar businesses.

Our Services Include:

  • Leadership and Mentor Coaching
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Accredited Coach Training Programs
  • Business Development 
  • Sales Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Assessments 
  • Keynote
  • Retreats

We Support our clients with ICF accredited coaching programs and certified coaches who change lives one conversation at a time.

Our Values: We strive to create environments that inspire leadership, accountability, creativity, learning, trust, transparency and fun! We partner with clients who share similar values. 

Our Mission: Helping individuals create extraordinary lives, without limits by profoundly shifting the way they live and lead forever.

Our Commitment: Results!

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