1:1 Leadership Coaching

  • “Pam was awesome. She was instrumental in helping me understand my existing behaviors and provide insights, tools, and techniques to help me shift. Our team is more engaged, with better visibility, transparency, and improved communication within the team. More people are now making decisions within my extended team. Coaching allowed me to take in feedback from others, and helped me not only dissect what’s good and what needs to be improved, but more importantly gave me a better understanding of what my team needs. I now have the right tools and techniques to improve myself, and be more effective within my organization.”
    Steve Qian – Vice President, Product development
    MDM at Informatica
  • “Pam was instrumental in helping me take a step back and take stock of where I was vis-à-vis work, family and life in general. This allowed me to clearly and objectively reprioritize and together we designed an approach that would allow me to be successful in the short and long term. Pam’s open, honest, transparent and collaborative coaching style with a genuine interest in seeing me be more effective and successful in all aspects of life were very much appreciated.
    Silvio Silvestre - CFO 
  • “Pam’s coaching style is commendable. She has the ability to get to the root cause of issues and simplify difficult situations. This gave me a much clearer head to stay focused on the right things. I would recommend Pam to any of my colleagues”.
    Karl Broderick
    Senior VP Quebecor World
  • “The coaching methodology that Pam engages a client in is both insightful and impactful for a leader who recognizes the value of self-reflection. Pam uses an interactive and effective process of appreciative inquiry. Pam helps the client realize what their personal strengths are and how to utilize them for growth and prosperity. I would highly recommend this professional development to anyone who seeking success and relevance in the business world today.”
    Dr. John Zurn
    General Manager of Creative Memories Canada
  • I had the absolute pleasure of having Pam as an executive coach. Pam has mastered the ability to dive deep into the crux of my business problems by guiding me through questions that really allow me to view the issues with both granularity when necessary, and from a 30,000 feet level.

    She helped me develop strategies that were absolutely imperative for success during substantial change, and armed me with tools that helped drive my team and I to discover underlying conflict that was potentially preventing us from great success.

    If you have the opportunity to be mentored and coached by Pam, I suggest you jump in with both feet. She is incredibly talented and has the ability to help you uncover potential, and resolve conflict. I am grateful to her!

    Lisa Pooley – Director
    Rogers Communications Inc.
  • I am feeling very productive, making things stick, getting them in my journal and taking time for creating JOY! It is truly amazing the shift I have had and how it translates throughout the company.

    The planning is no longer a “chore”, it is exciting and directed! I am doing some work at a higher level and helping set all of us up for better alignment with the values and core leadership competencies of the company.

    My inbox and tasks have purpose and if they don’t – they are moved on to someone who can support the task far better than me!
    Dana Parson - CEO
     Wright Rehab
  • “I just want to say that it is an absolute pleasure working with you. You are amazing at your job plus you have been a huge support for me professionally. You gave me the tools and the confidence to assertively move Dave and Jason into people management positions. I really appreciate it.”
    Don Kollins – Program Director at Sportsnet 590 The FAN Toronto
    Rogers Communications Inc.
  • “I have had executive coaches before but I personally found Pam to be one of the best. She is collaborative, supportive and genuinely curious. Pam has an incredible ability to focus on the right questions to help me ‘peel back the onion’, ponder the true issue at hand and then develop solid action plans. Pam’s coaching approach not only made me realize the tremendous benefits of coaching but it also inspired me to pursue my own coaching designation.”
    Virginia Foster – Director
    Rogers Communications Inc.
  • I had the joy of working with Pam. She listened, asked powerful questions and her curiosity allowed me to really stop and look at how I was approaching my role in a whole new way. Pam was able to help me slow down and enjoy all the small successes along the way. Pam helped me be more curious which has helped me be a better manager and coach to my team. I would highly recommend Pam if you are looking to grow professionally.
    Joe Davies - CFO

    Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
  • “Pam Griffiths has been instrumental in my personal success as well as at Performance Mercedes. Her thoughtful and inquisitive approach has led me to being a more well rounded leader and manager. Pam has introduced me to a different way of processing my decisions and interacting with our staff. This has led to our team reaching our short term goals with a long term focus. Turnover is down and productivity is up. In addition to being a valuable resource for me she has become a trusted advisor and friend.”
    Steve Champion
    General Manager Performance Mercedes
  • Coaching sessions provided a great sounding board and allowed me to focus on the issues at hand and walk away with practical solutions. I’ve developed more confidence in my leadership approach and I’m beginning to feel more comfortable in coaching as a “conversation” versus a checklist. During our executive team coaching sessions, Pam helped us develop greater trust, raise our bar, shift our thinking about leadership and become more effective leaders. We achieved results we had never seen before. We are now coaching our teams, and despite our size, we’re leading the way in North America with being #1 in membership growth for all CAA and AAA (American Automobile Association) clubs.”
    Peter Van Hezewyk - CEO 
    Niagara CAA (Canadian Automobile Association)

1:1 Coaching

  • “I participated in the Online Group Coaching course in September of 2014. I’m a Graphic Designer by trade, and am looking to change my direction towards something great. Pam’s Online Coaching course helped me open my eyes to the world of coaching others, helping me see that as a direction I’d like to pursue. It was a relief, and exhilarating to see a purpose start to unfold. I was able to experience coaching, both as a recipient and as a coach, and was able to walk away with a coaching partner that I have stayed in touch with to this day. Simply put, it was a fantastic and valuable experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to go to the next level.”
    Sonia Wilkinson
  • “I am dearly indebted to Pam and the skills that I learned while she coached me. I managed to reach my business goals while I worked with her, but even more so I was able to learn how to integrate my personal values with these goals. She taught me strategies and systems that made me more focused and efficient in many areas of my life. I found I not only accomplished by business goals, but also aligned these with living out my priorities, which undoubtedly fuels you. She is a strong facilitator that will help you come to the conclusions and next steps for yourself, which is energizing and makes you engaged in the process of change. Thanks Pam for all that you did for me!”
    Tracy Rossetti
    Owner and Chief Celebration Officer of mybabbo.com
  • “With 13 years experience as a Creative Memories consultant, I was amazed at the fresh perspective and positive impact that the coaching process had on my business. Within an authentic and trusting business relationship Pam challenged me to “dig deeper” and discover more about how and why I do what I do. I was able to sharpen my skills personally and develop stronger skills as a coach to my team. Thank you Pam!”
    Suzanne Piper
    Creative Memories Leader
  • “I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Pam Griffiths and experience firsthand the tremendous benefits of coaching. After spending the day learning the coaching model in a large group, I was excited to begin coaching. This training day was just what I needed to begin to develop coaching skills, recharge my battery and set a path for determining a course of action. I love that by working on a more individual basis with Pam I was able to develop the confidence to offer a coaching model to others and guide them on this path of self-discovery. No longer did I have to have all the answers. I’m excited about my work in the area of coaching as I see the benefits coming to life personally and professionally for myself and those that I am engaged in a coaching relationship with. Thanks so much Pam.”
    Sheryl Puckering
    Senior Director

Coach Approach Leadership Academy™

  • "Pam is an extraordinary coach; she helped me to realize my vision in life, and continues to support me as I make personal and career transformations. The gains I have made have come much quicker than they would have if I had not had Pam to support me and keep me accountable. She is supportive, motivating, empowering, and most importantly, cares genuinely about her clients and their success."
    Melissa Joynt
  • “It helped me improve my coaching approach to conversations; tailor my approach through a better recognition of when a stronger coaching lens is needed. It also allowed me to be more thoughtful in carving out space for reflective practice and coaching in my work. There were specific steps to increase my awareness, make goals and provided me tools to get there.”
    Jamie Maskill
    Regional Manager CAMH
  • “It helped me take the time to be self-reflective, learn techniques and skills to be a better person and a better Manager and LISTEN!”
    Cheryl Tompkins
    Senior Manager Red Cross
  • “Pam's online group coaching course has been a real eye opener for my personal and professional life. I was able to set boundaries, learn how to stick to them by setting new expectations for my clients and team. I have gained confidence in my own abilities and continue to learn how to coach others to find their own path forward.
    Thanks to Pam, I have found a way to put into practice the very skills I need to empower others in the same way I have been empowered.”
    Kathy Gordon
  • “I became far more prepared for the ICF credentialing program. I feel confident now that I can do a coaching session and submit it for review to ICF and know what I need to have included in that.”
    Kim Hodous
    ACC  candidate
  • "Taking The Coach Approach program was truly life-changing for me. As a new coach, I knew there was a gap in my coaching style that only proper training could help fill. When I discovered this program, something inside of me was being called towards it and I knew I had to leap. I'm so glad I did because I wasn't even prepared for what I got - it was a truly exceptional 3 -day program that taught me valuable skills in a way that felt comfortable & easy. After day 1, I had a chance to put into practice what I'd learned with a real-life client, and I already saw tremendous value & positive change in my conversation with her. I loved this program and would recommend it to ANYONE looking to develop their coaching skills."
    Jessica Sealey
    Business Coach + Owner of jessicasealey.com
  • “The Coach Approach System™ Foundations wasn’t just another program. How I grew from the program was different. In previous programs, there wasn’t any personal growth (the focus was on professional growth). The value is infinite. There are very few programs that you go into and come out having grown on a personal level.

    The program itself made me examine my own business in a way I never thought I would. It kick-started a process of refining - I realized I had been working in my zone of confidence and not my zone of genius. I had one ah-ha after another and I’m finally truly 100% aligned with my business and people are coming to me more easily.

    It was the first time I wrote goals down and stuck to them. I continued to evolve the goals into my new business.

    Robyn MacNeill
    Leadership Mindset Coach (@robyn.macneill on Instagram or robynmacneill.com)
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