Why Pam

A natural leader and engager, Pam knows how to keep a crowd on their toes using thought-provoking questions and relevant research to challenge people’s way of thinking.

Pam is a grounded, fun-loving, heart centered speaker who is passionate about helping growth-minded leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs awaken to their intuitive wisdom. She is on a mission to help millions around the globe make more money doing work they love and have more joy, freedom and impact.

Growing up Pam was the shy one in high school who tried anything to get out of presenting in front of the class. Years later her image consulting business and eventually corporate roles had different plans for her.

In her corporate career she was responsible for leadership and business development including delivering key leadership messages at national conferences. Over the years she's delivered inspiring messages to thousands both small and large audiences.

I learned to get comfortable, being uncomfortable. Sharing my gift to inspire others is a privilege and truly exhilarating. Thirty years later, main stage is a comfortable place for me to be.

My unique strengths:

I’m an ACTIVATOR who inspires you to take intuitive, aligned action.

As a RELATIONSHIP BUILDER I want to get to know you, your goals, and the fears that keep you from achieving what you most want.

I’m a STRATEGIC visionary, helping you paint the picture of your ideal future state.

As a MAXIMIZER  I love to stretch people and their business. We’ll take what is already working and make it Extraordinary.

This is the work that lights me up and is part of my unique ability that has helped hundreds of clients change their life, reduce stress and increase results working less and playing more! 

If this resonates, let's connect!

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